lip color enhancement

match shade in heaven.

Experience the allure of effortless beauty with our lip color enhancement services. We delicately enhance your lips' natural and color using specialized techniques that create subtle, smudge-resistant tints. Whether you desire a hint of color or a more pronounced pout, our lip enhancement services are tailored to your preferences and our expert suggestion which deliver results that exude confidence and elegance. Each client receives a personalized recommendation for which of the below techniques will fit best. All prices include a free 6 to 8 week touch-up session that should be booked separately.

lip blushing – $550

This is a fusion of artistry and innovation that redefines your lips with a soft, natural flush using more scattered deposits of pigment. An ideal choice for those who want to create a delicate tint.

lip neutralization – $550

A transformative blend of skill and precision come together to correct and harmonize uneven or unwanted lip pigments. A harmonious and natural appearance is achieved through careful layering and color theory to neutralize undertones and imperfections, giving you the confidence to embrace your lips with renewed radiance. Unlike other places that charge more for clients with melanated lips, lip neutralization clients are charged at the same price as our regular lip blushing clients.